Joe’s on the road to Eastbourne

Joe Pasquale at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre SUS-160208-124700001
Joe Pasquale at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre SUS-160208-124700001

Out on the road but heading this way is comedy favourite Joe Pasquale who brings his new show One Man And His Bog to the Royal Hippodrome Theatre on August 28.

He is enjoying his return to the freedom of stand-up following his West End stints in shows like Spamalot and The Producers, and said: “Because of being professional and disciplined, when you sign up for those jobs you can’t improvise or do what you like - why would I want to change even a word written by a genius like Eric Idle or Mel Brooks? But it is great for me being able to diversify.”

With 23 dates which started in this month Joe will be on tour until September 4. One Man and His Bog will see Joe let loose that surreal imagination and address some interesting issues such as why an orange is called an orange when in fact a carrot is much more orange.

He commented: “I love doing these gigs - but I hate the travelling, I’m in the car for six hours a day stuck in traffic. And I don’t drive, so I just sit there in the car.

“But I just love gigging. I love the audience, I love being on stage, that’s the icing on the cake for me.

“There is no inspiration, it is just me getting out and mucking about for two hours. There is no social commentary, no political commenatry, nothing religious, nothing picked up on the news, it is just me going on being stupid. I just have a laugh. Imagine a 13 year old being allowed to run riot and do what he wants...that’s me, and I love it.”

Apart from theatre work and comedy, Joe has been a stalwart of the traditional British Pantomime each year, voiced characters for Hollywood movies, been crowned King Of The Jungle and twirled his way around the ice rink in Dancing on Ice. He’s also run the Virgin London Marathon in 2010 and is a keen runner, but he also boxes, has a pilots’s licence and has just finished a creative writing course.

Joe said: “I just realised a few years ago that I am not immortal - I’m not going to be here for long. I didnt get on at school, that was a bit of a time waster, so when I got my pilot’s licence I realised that I could do stuff, I could pass exams, I can do anything. I’m thinking of doing my Masters in Geology next. It is what I enjoy doing, I look for the next journey in life, because one day I will be dead.”