Pushing boundaries to the absolute limit

Stringfever at The Royal Hippodrome on October 18. SUS-140922-135927001
Stringfever at The Royal Hippodrome on October 18. SUS-140922-135927001

The genre-defying, original and musically pioneering electric string quartet Stringfever has announced dates for its first UK tour this autumn. And it includes playing at The Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne on Saturday, October 18.

The four world-class and classically trained musicians, which include three brothers and their cousin, thrill their audiences with live melodies and tunes which push the boundaries of music to its absolute limit.

Stringfever is a unique band in so many ways. Their ability is simply awe inspiring. Seldom have audiences experienced violins being played like electric guitars as the sounds from their strings have rarely been heard in such unison before. The foursome transcend the staple musical genres as underpinned by their ability to play music from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine, all in perfect and entertaining harmony.

The London-based band has toured the globe and has become best known for their shows in the United States. Now due to popular demand, Stringfever has announced their first ever UK theatre tour, labelled as the ‘Homecoming Tour’.

Stringfever consists of eldest brothers Giles Broadbent and Ralph Broadbent on violin, cousin Graham Broadbent on viola, and youngest brother Neal Broadbent.

Not only does Neal play the cello but he simultaneously ‘beat boxes’ live during the entirety of the show which has audiences looking for a percussion before realising that the sounds are coming from Neal’s amazing vocal skills.

“As we have been on the road for so long and travelled to so many different countries over the past few years, we felt that it was time to come home and treat our fans in the UK,” said Giles.

The band’s renowned pieces include the History Of Music In Five Minutes, which consists of 40 tunes in a fast and furious medley, Ravel’s Bolero where all four play on one cello and a Name That Theme Tune composition where audiences participate by identifying some of the most famous movie scores of all time. Their take on The Devil Went Down To Georgia also always brings the house down.

Together with everlasting classics such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Barber’s Adagio For Strings, the Homecoming Tour will give fans old and new a chance to witness the band’s incredible talent.

Stringfever did an impromptu Scottish Referendum musical medley last week which was on BBC Radio4 Today Programme, Telegraph and BBC 1.