A tribute to 60s legends

Voice of Roy Orbison
Voice of Roy Orbison

AUDIENCES are invited to take a stroll down memory lane when The Voice of Roy Orbison comes to the Congress Theatre on October 12 (7.30pm).

The Voice Of Roy Orbison presents a showcase of the great stars of this era, featuring moving tributes to not only Roy, but also Buddy Holly and The Everly Brothers.

Alan Morris has the look, the voice and the performance and leads the cast in this spectacular production. Joining him is Steve Taylor as Buddy Holly.

Colin Fidoe & Geoff Bates have been performing together as ‘The Everlys’ for more than a decade. Their tribute to the Everly Brothers includes Wake Up Little Susie, Cathy’s Clown and Bye Bye Love.

Tickets cost £16, call 412000.