Double helping of panto comedy brought roars of laughter to the audience

A DOUBLE helping of pantomime comedy, in the form of Cinderella Past and Present, brought roars of laughter and appreciation from an enthralled audience at Eastbourne Seniors Club on Monday.

The more traditional story Cinderella, written by Brian Jones, was followed by Jean Fisher’s version of how Cinders and her Prince Charming would be 40 years later.

Heather Flood was a delightful young Cinders and Valerie Tinney was equally impressive as the heroine in old age, spurned by her Prince Charming.

Ernie Richardson, at 91, probably the world’s oldest Buttons, Brian Jones (Baron Hardup) and Tony Flood (Prince Charming) milked the laughs.

There were also excellent performances from Louise Jones and Jean Fisher - getting their spells wrong as the Fairy Godmother past and present - as well as Gladys Morris, Valerie Tinney and Barbara Fisher as a trio of deliciously evil Ugly Sisters.

Joint directors Tony Flood and Brian Jones played it for laughs and even when the cast made a few slip-ups it just added to the merriment and enjoyment.

Elizabeth Gibbs