Dance and fashion double bill delights

Diana Vreeland the subject of The Eye Must Travel

Diana Vreeland the subject of The Eye Must Travel

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Next Wednesday, December 2, the Eastbourne Film Society presents a double bill at the Curzon Cinema with seats available for the public.

Top billing goes to the Norwegian film Ballet Boys. The title might suggest that you have to be a ballet fan to appreciate this piece but, in fact, its appeal is much wider. Filmed over four years, it follows the lives of three school friends who became close in secondary school and then, through a shared interest in dance, obtained places at Oslo’s National Academy of Arts.

The other film offers a striking contrast since it is all about an individual who, living life her way, invites no comparisons. Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel is about a woman who was truly formidable and achieved success in the world of fashion as a key figure for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue before becoming consultant to the Costume Institute of New York’s Metropolitan Museum.