A captivating performance of Orfeo showcases young stars

New Sussex Opera performs Orfeo SUS-171010-125049001
New Sussex Opera performs Orfeo SUS-171010-125049001

From Bermuda to Russia, Germany to the UK – a wide range of countries features in the backgrounds of soloists heading the cast in New Sussex Opera’s autumn production for which Eastbourne’s Birley Centre is a key venue.

The young singers all have in common top level musical education and training, fast-growing reputations, and voices that mark them out as the operatic stars of tomorrow. They are Kerri Dietz, Eleanor Janes, Betty Makharinsky and Eva Rustige.

They’ll be performing a work that represents a key turning point in the development of opera – Gluck’s Orfeo. It’s a story of love, loss and a rescue attempt that takes the hero on a mission literally to hell and back. Unlike so many operas, this one has a happy ending. As well as achingly beautiful arias that will be surprisingly familiar to many ears, NSO’s production also features dances, imaginative stagework, dramatic lighting – and the distinctive and much-praised sound of the legendary NSO Chorus.

While the music marks the important transition from baroque to classical, it’s tuneful and accessible to modern ears. Gluck’s innovative approach to operatic form stunned audiences in 1762 but NSO’s latest production will captivate them in 2017.

Orfeo plays at Eastbourne College’s Birley Centre on Sunday November 12 at 4pm. For more information and full booking details, visit www.newsussexopera.org.