Game review: Fable Heroes

Fable Heroes

Fable Heroes

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STRANGE to think that such a diverse game like FABLE should have an off shoot like FABLE HEROES and yet here it is, created by LIONHEAD studios on what they refer to as their CREATIVE day an annual event, allowing members of staff to showcase an idea - and this is the result.

FABLE HEROES, available on XBOX LIVEĀ®, is a basic hack and slash co-op game involving up to 4 players, on-line and locally, set within the FABLE universe, and that is it really.

The objective of the game is to hack and slash your way through each level with your 3 buddies who are the FABLE HERO dolls (who are dressed as FABLE characters) and collect as many gold coins as possible, you then reach a fork in the road at the end, and you can choose either a boss battle, or a mini game.


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