Wasted journey to Manchester for frustrated Eagles

Trevor Geer
Trevor Geer

Eastbourne Eagles travelled all the way to Manchester and didn’t even complete one lap of the Belle Vue circuit.

Manchester had been hit by heavy rain but with the weather holding, the Belle Vue circuit was bladed and re-laid just before start time in an attempt to bring it up to racing standard.

When the tapes rose on heat one, Lukas Dryml and Eagles’ guest Ben Barker were first away but on the first bend Belle Vue’s Rory Schlein clipped Barker, with both falling.

A re-run was ordered with all four riders but before it could take place it was announced that the meeting steward had called the race off

Eagles’ trip to Peterborough was also called-off on the morning of the match last Thursday.

Have your say....Should the meet have been called off before the long trip north.