Walking wounded recovering as fixture congestion eases

Simon Gustafsson prepares himself before the Eagles' meet with Peterborough
Simon Gustafsson prepares himself before the Eagles' meet with Peterborough

SIMON Gustafsson returned to the Eagles line-up this week after recovering from his high-speed crash in Poland.

Gustafsson was left ‘black and blue’ after he was rammed into the fence at break-neck speed as he tried to qualify to ride for Polish side Start Gniezno.

The rider returned to the line-up for the 50-45 victory against Peterborough Panthers last Saturday . He was ,however, forced to pull-out of the third programmed ride suffering from a fever.

He recovered in time for Tuesday night’s ill-fated trip to Belle Vue.

Joonas Kylmakorpi, injured at King’s Lynn in only his fifth ride of the season, is aiming to be back against Coventry, although he is not healing quite as quickly as he had hoped.

After a hectic opening to the season, the fixture congestion will ease somewhat for the Eagles.

The next home match for them is against Coventry on Saturday, May 5.

Co-promoter Mike Bellerby said, “The switch to two matches a month here at Arlington is pre-planned and helps us to avoid running on a Saturday night in competition with the Speedway Grand Prix or other official FIM fixtures.”

There is no match on June 16 when both Kylmakorpi and captain Cameron Woodward will be taking part in a world long track meeting and there are also four GP qualification meetings on that date.

Team manager, Trevor Geer said, “Now we can draw breath and look forward to picking up more league points over the summer, especially away from home.

“The team needs to push on if it is to get into the play-off positions. I still believe our team can do that. Being at full strength will make a difference and everyone can see that Denis Gizatullin is getting faster and faster.”