Stella performances in the Hampden Centenary finals

Stella Stuttard showed top form as she progressed to five finals in the Hampden Park Bowls Club Centenary Finals.

Tony Huggett also produced his best and won in four of the finals. Corinne Kiernan retained the ladies’ singles title and Alan Glenister won the men’s title.

The winners and runners-up will be presented with their cups and trophies at the Cumberland Hotel on October, 27.

Ladies’ Results: Championship winner; Corinne Kiernan, runner-up; Stella Stuttard Miles Cup winner; Sue Sanders, runner-up; Sue Brown

Handicap winner; Stella Stuttard, runner-up; Mary Barber

Two Wood winner; Mary Barber, runner-up; Stella Stuttard

Pairs winners; Kay Shaw and Sue Sanders, runners-up: Stella Stuttard and Phyllis Vine Triples winners; Marguerite Costin, Sylvia Hoaen and Margaret Goswell, runners-up; Kay Shaw, Pat Fears and Mary Barber

Men’s results Championship winner; Alan Glenister, runner-up; Doug Roderick Handicap winner; Tony Huggett, runner-up; Geoff Puttock

Two Wood winner; Colin Greenaway, runner-up; Roger Grout

Pairs winners; Roger Grout and Danny O’Neill, runners-up; Derrick Sanders and Tom Baldwin Triples winners; Roger Grout, Fred Titchener and Peter Fears runners-up; John Gibson, Ivan Luck and Danny O’Neill Junior winner; Peter Fears, runner-up; Colin Greenaway Consolation winner; Tony Huggett, runner-up; Derrick Sanders

Mixed Results: Pairs winners; Tony Huggett and Phyllis Vine, runners-up; Stella Stuttard and Colin Greenaway Triples winners; Tony Huggett, Ivan Luck and Sue Brown, runners-up; John Gibson, Brian Charsley and Pat Miles