StarTrack week proves a success

StarTrack Athletics at Eastbourne Sports Park
StarTrack Athletics at Eastbourne Sports Park

Over 80 young athletes tried their hand at track and field events at yet another successful Eastbourne StarTrack week.

A great time was had by all as the young sporting enthusiasts took part in athletics activities coached by senior athletes at Eastbourne Rovers Athletics Club.

The undoubted highlights of the week were learning the pole vault, high jump, hurdles and throwing the hammer.

On the last day of the week-long event, held at Eastbourne Sports Park, athletes ran a series of relays and collected awards.

Best performance awards went to Amelia Tait, Regan Kiani-Mokwele, Taylor Harding, Emma Cogan, Nellie Hannam, Chris Arecco, Mia O’Hara, NoamPritchett, Mary Adeniji and Mitchell Dennis.

There were also a handful of Coaches awards handed out, and these went to Megan Linden, James Fenton, Jem Matthews, Hannah Miller, Elise Sutherland, Charlie Rogers, Eliza Walton, Xavier Mace, Lara Dixon and Finley Jakes.