Power lifters set to raise the bar in British finals

Powerlifting Finals at the Eastbourne Sports Park
Powerlifting Finals at the Eastbourne Sports Park

MORE than 120 of Britain’s top powerlifters are set to compete in finals held in Eastbourne for the first time, lifting up to over three times their own body weight.

Eastbourne Sports Park is to host the Global Powerlifting Committee’s British Finals on Saturday, August 9, and Sunday, August 10.

Competitors will lift weights of up to 400kgs in three disciplines - squat, bench press, and deadlift – in a battle to be crowned British Powerlifting Champion.

Officials will be on hand to register any new world or European records that are broken.

As part of the entertainment, the Bench Press King, Tiny Meeker, who holds the world record for bench pressing the heaviest weight ever, 500kg, is flying in from his home in the USA. He is preparing to wow the audience by bench pressing at least 500kg again, which is as heavy as six average-sized men.

Ted Monteith, Manager at Eastbourne Sports Park, said: “We are looking forward to welcoming the cream of Britain’s powerlifters to Eastbourne and it’s a coup for the town to be chosen to host this two-day event.

“It will be a captivating show for spectators who are invited to come along and watch competitors show their phenomenal strength. There may even be some world records broken.

Thanks to Scott Halliday, from Performance Fitness Gym Eastbourne who has been instrumental in organising these finals.”