Olympic blog: by Eastbourne’s 49er class sailor Steve Morrison

Stevie Morrison
Stevie Morrison

Ben and I are feeling confident about the Olympic regatta and have done a lot of hard work over the last few months.

It feels like we’re in a good place. It’s obviously important just to keep calm and realise it’s really not any different to a normal sailing event.

We’ve got to be patient – we might be winning after the first day, or we might be coming tenth after the first day, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s where we’re coming at the end of the week that counts and as long as we keep focussing on what we we’ve done the last few months then I think we can be there fighting at the end of it.

We feel really cool – there’s really good buzz. Ben Ainslie is sailing today which is really exciting.

You kind of feel for the guy – he’s got an awful lot of weight on his shoulders and no one seems to ask him if he’s alright.

Hopefully he’ll go out there and do the business, and Perce and Bart as well. They’ve been a huge help to Ben and I over the past few years so we’re really rooting for them as well.

They’ve always been there for us – if you want to ask them a question or a bit of advice.

Even if we haven’t wanted or felt we could ask them, they’ve come along and been willing to talk and offer us a few thoughts on our equipment, or our rig, or what we’re doing.

They’ve just been really good for our confidence and our logic and have been invaluable over the last few years in terms of picking us up.

There’s a really good buzz around the camp – Luke and Stu, Sas and Han came back from London after experiencing the big Opening Ceremony, whereas we obviously had the more important and bigger one on Weymouth beach, but we’ll try and keep their confidence and morale up by saying that their one in London really was the main one!

It’s great to see those guys come back with a real buzz about the Olympics. When you’re over here in Portland, you’re so quiet and removed, whereas when we went into Weymouth town it was like “Jesus, this is happening!”

So what it was like for them in London must have been on another level again. It is happening, and I think we’re ready!

We had a message through from Paul McCartney wishing us luck – our boat’s called ‘Lovely Rita’ which is a Beatles song.

Obviously The Beatles are the greatest ever band in the world – certainly from Britain – and hopefully we can be the best ever 49er sailors from Britain by winning the gold medal, so we’re looking to emulate what they achieved in their field on our field.

He’s a genuine legend – he’s right up there – so that was really cool, if a touch surreal!

It was really great, but none of it means anything unless we can go out there and do the best we can do, and as long as we can come away from this event feeling like we’ve done the best we could have done then we’ll be happy.

It’s a big stage, with lots of friends and family able to come down, but it’ll be exciting and looking at the forecast it’s going to be quite a show from the 49ers this week. It’s looking like it will be over 15 knots all week, certainly for the first part of our regatta, so it should be quite a show.

It’ll be an even better show if we’re winning!