‘Inspirational’ Cam is the man for top job

Cameron Woodward has been confirmed as the Eastbourne Eagles’ captain for the third consecutive year.

Co-promoter and team manager Trevor Geer had no hesitation in asking the Australian to take on the task again.

He said, “Cam was an integral part of our successful campaign last year – both on the track and in the pits. He gets on well with all the riders and everyone agreed it was one of the best pits atmospheres we have ever had at Arlington.

“All the riders worked well together and Cam was an inspiration; especially in the latter part of the season when he was taking on occasions seven rides in a meeting.

“I didn’t need to think twice about asking Cam to be captain again.”

Geer, however, is much more guarded about the riding order he will deploy for the first match of the season at Arlington on March 24 against Belle Vue.

The rules and regulations mean that Joonas Kylmakorpi will wear the No1 race-jacket and Timo Lahti and Dennis Gizatullin will be at reserve. In fact, Geer will not even say which the numbers the reserves will actually take.

“The riding order and pairings is something we usually look at once we start practising. I will talk to the team and see what they would like,” he said.

“As far as possible, it is a joint decision. Some riders do have preferences as to who they like riding with and we try to accommodate them, as far as is possible.

“The other key factor in making the decision is to try and ensure that we have strong pairings on track at the right time of meetings. It is something we will work on to get right.

“Last year we were often able to deploy Cam in heat 14 and he rose to the occasion time and again. We will undoubtedly be looking for something similar this year.”

Eastbourne are hoping Gizatullin’s visa to ride in the UK will come through any day now.

The rider is in Poland this week to sort out matters there and is waiting for the green light to come to England to start his much-delayed Elite League campaign.

The Lifestyle Eagles’ Press and Practice Day will on March 17, from noon. Further details in the run-up.