Double hole-in-one delight for ace Alan

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Eastbourne Golfing Park head professional Alan Williamson had double reason to celebrate this week.

Some golfers will play a lifetime and not score a hole in one but Williamson hit two within the first six holes at the Golfing Park.

The first came on the 280-yard par-four first. Williamson teed-up, plucked a two-iron from the bag and flighted the ball towards the pin.

It pitched on the downslope of the front bunker, scooted forward and rolled into the hole for a rare albatross (three-under the par) - his first albastros in more than 30 years of playing.

His next ace came on the 140-yard par-three sixth. With the wind behind him, Williamson spanked a pitching wedge on to the green, the ball pitched next to the flag before spinning back into the hole, much to the amazement of his playing partner Tony Coley.

The 42-year-old golfer went on to finish his nine-hole round in just 29 shots.

Williamson said, “It was quite incredible to be honest. I had a hole-in-one on the ninth last year but before that it was 25 years since my previous one.

“To get two in the same round is quite rare but for one of them to be on a par four, I’m not sure that’s been done before.

“With the first one I was looking to get it onto the green but it had an element of luck about it.

“The second one was definitely a better shot. I just had a feeling as I stood over the ball that it was going to go in. Sometimes you just get that sixth sense.

“My friend has contacted the Guinness Book of Records. I’m sure two holes-in-one have been recorded before but having one on the par four could be some sort of record.

“We are waiting to hear back from them.”

Williamson has been the head professional at the Golfing Park for four years.

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