Canton stars hit top form at Reading event

Canton Martial Arts

Canton Martial Arts

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The new karate tournament circuit started last weekend in Reading, and the local squad from Canton Martial Arts once again proved they are a force to be reckoned with.

East Sussex martial arts club Canton travelled with their new 2015 squad, with many first timers attending the huge event. 29 members from the local Dojo attended with hundreds of people in attendance form across the Country.

Canton Martial Arts

Canton Martial Arts

The team had an amazing performance winning an unprecedented 31 trophies between them.

To top this off, Kimberley Murphy at her first tournament, won the coveted ‘Spirit Award’. This award is given to the competitor who shows outstanding effort and spirit on the day, and with hundreds of competitors in attendance this was a tremendous achievement for her.

Tournament Director, Chris Ellison, said, “Canton Martial Arts is a regular here at the National All Styles Competitions, and I must say they are one of our most successful competing teams.

“But above all, their etiquette and sportsmanship along with tremendous skills is what they are most renowned for. They are a pleasure to have attend our prestigious events.”

Canton is a family friendly, ‘Applied Karate’ school, teaching the core fundamentals of how Karate and Muay Thai can be used in every day Self Defence scenarios. They have then been able to successfully transfer these techniques to the sporting arena.

Richard Canton, Founder of Canton Martial Arts, said, “Our new squad have done themselves, the club and the town proud. I am so pleased that everyone was able to demonstrate the valuable skills they have learned whilst training with us. Kimberley was outstanding, as was every competitor from the squad, I am a very proud instructor, and the local community should be very proud for what they have done for us.”