Broken wrist can’t stop karate kid Cerys

Cerys Hartley

Cerys Hartley

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Not even a broken wrist could prevent nine-year-old karate kid Cerys Hartley from achieving her goal.

Cerys, who trains in karate and kickboxing with SAMA in Eastbourne, recently passed her first Kyu Grading - one belt away from black. The grading is extremely tough but she achieved a first-class pass despite breaking her wrist in the warm-up. After the grading, Cerys apologised to SAMA chief instructor Hanshi Alan Gibson 8th Dan as her press-ups were not up to her usual high-standard due to a sore wrist. An x-ray the next day revealed it was broken.

Instructor Gibson said, “Cerys did not indicate once in the grade room that she had any pain in her wrist until she mentioned about her press-ups. For a nine-year-old to be able to perform to that level with an injury like that takes true karate fighting spirit. Cerys is one tough kid.”