Bourne Bombshells up to Euro challenge

The Bourne Bomshells in action
The Bourne Bomshells in action
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The Bourne Bombshells are starting to make waves on the international scene after winning their first overseas bout in Belgium at the weekend.

The town’s resident Roller Derby team, who started skating together in 2011, had only ever competed once before, losing to Kent Roller Girls’ B Team 121-209 back in April, but didn’t hestitate to accept the invitation from Freaky Mons’ters - a team based in Mons, Belgium - to battle it out across the channel.

With skates and helmets in hand, a team of 23 Bombshells headed overseas on Saturday, ready to bout on Sunday.

As if they didn’t face enough of a challenge already, the surface on which they were to be competing was nothing like they’d ever skated on before - described by some Bombshells as ‘like skating through treacle’.

However, this only made their 156-207 victory all the more impressive. In what was a see-saw contest, the Bombshells did just enough to edge the result, winning by 51 points after their bench coach had set a target margin of 50.

Captain and head coach Lois ‘toxicblocksyndrome’ Carpenter said, “The Freaky Mons’ters were wonderful hosts and we’re incredibly grateful for their invite. We never thought that our second bout would be an international one!”

“We made some great friends and, of course, it was all topped off by bringing back the win. It’s put everyone in really good spirits and given the team a great morale boost. I think it stands us in good stead to put on a great performance at Eastbourne Extreme.”

The seafront sports festival presents the next big event for the Bombshells as they will host the UK’s only free outdoor roller derby tournament for the second time but, this year, they will compete in it too.

Teams from across the country will travel to the Sunshine Coast, with the Bombshells set to feature on Saturday, July 13 between 10am and 5pm in The Cage at Royal Parade. Heather ‘Smash’erFierce’ Ridley said, “We weren’t ready to compete when we hosted it last year but this time, we are ready and we’re really excited about it.

“We’ve been practising outdoors, whereas most other teams will be used to indoor surfaces, so I think we have a good chance of doing well.”

After Extreme, the Bombshells will face their first ever ticketed home bout, titled ‘Oh My Quad’ against Croydon B Team, held at Summerfields, Hastings on August, 31.