Workplace goodwill now at an all-time low

CAN I suggest readers confirm the ‘adverse weather procedures’ with their employers.

During the recent severe snow storms I was informed by my manager that my workplace had to close and I should stay at home; after three days we were allowed to return to work.

However, checking my monthly wage slip I found I had been docked three days pay.

I made enquiries with my employer who I feel was very intimidating and made no effort to attempt to resolve the matter.

Thankfully with the help of ACAS and the Citizens Advice Bureau I was empowered to take on my employer and raise a grievance based on an unauthorised deduction from wages.

It appears that if the employer closes the workplace then they are duty bound to pay you for your contracted hours.

I feel that it is very unfair that an employee has to go out of their way to ensure that they get the wages they deserve.

Had I not been recompensed I would certainly have started the New Year with rent arrears and other debts.

I have to suggest that goodwill at the workplace is at an all-time low and my loyalty is certainly waning.

Ryan Edwards

Cornfield Terrace