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THE Wish Tower Cafe occupies probably the best site in Eastbourne.

Its proximity to the so-called ‘Cultural Quarter’ of Eastbourne, amazing light qualities, accessibility, views and potential would make a wonderful performance/arts creativity centre, small specialist shops or workshops, cafe, restaurant and it should be a venue as exciting and iconic as the De La Warr in Bexhill.

Maybe even a small ice rink would be possible – after all Somerset House does it! Take a look around councillors at other ventures on your doorstep which have catered for people who want some style and environmental pleasures.

There are examples of individuals who have made very successful businesses from offering such facilities – Bills in Lewes, Eastbourne (Gildredge Park tennis club and cafe is wonderful and always busy) and almost every art gallery/creative arts centre you can mention (except Towner cafe – which is disappointing, offers unexciting and poor food choice and service and is almost always empty!).

I recently visited Burton on Trent who had the foresight to develop a very poor rundown area into a ‘marina’ on a lake. It supports a range of small specialist shops including baker, butcher, greengrocer and deli, bookshop, jewellery maker, antique shop, two art galleries and two good coffee shops and a licence ‘cafe’.

The place was heaving – even in winter.

Come on Eastbourne council look at what you have - a newly-built venue offering a range of good facilities and not the usual sandwiches in plastic fare coupled with a range of carefully selected clients would do wonders for this town.

Surely if a town with a much smaller (and poorer) demographic can see potential in such a site as a rundown lake, Eastbourne WTC, with its outstanding location and dramatic sea views can be turned around to offer an exciting and successful venue. Redevelop – spend to gain.


St Mary’s Road