Why so many supermarkets in Hailsham?

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I read with interest the article about the 12 – although I think if you look deeper there are more – closed shops in Hailsham.

Firstly one has to say that shops were closing down before the economic crisis hit us, and speaking to those that were closing down it was the constant and high increase of the rates.

But now the main problem with Hailsham is the number of supermarkets in the town, four in all in what is a small market town.

What I ask happended to the promise Wealdon Council gave that after Tesco’s was built there would no more supermarkets? Yet now we have Asda!

Is it no wonder that the small indiviual shops such as butcher’s, and fish shops have left the town.

I did write to the council about the promise made but needless to say no reply.

We do not have one clothes shop in the town for men or women. If you wnat such things you now have to go to Eastbourne.

When I came to Hailsham nearly nine years ago coaches would turn up in the High Street with holdaymakers who were on holiday in Eastbourne and brought here for a half-day excursion, not anymore.

It is such a pleasure to go to such as Battle and browse around the individual shop up and down the High Street and realise this is what Hailsham should be like.

But all Hailsham can offer is charity shops (four), coffee shops, and estate agents there is nothing of interest to entice people here to shop, this we have to point at the council for the high rates and for allowing too many supermarkets into the town, yet when Lidl wanted to build a store in Hailsham it was turned down, at least they do have something other than food to offer shoppers.

Hailsham has lost its way and the future for the town is not a good one.

ALAN COOPER, Bakers Farm Park, Upper Horsebridge.