Why not use council offices for public toilets?

I am a frequent visitor to Polegate and have recently learnt that the Council are planning to remove the public conveniences in the high street.

I know there are more toilets at the Triangle, but these are too far away.

Surprisingly, Polegate’s busy station has no facilities either.

So what are people to do? Folks could pop into the pub or doctors surgery if caught short, but this I feel would be unacceptable to the managers of these establishments.

There is one public building that could be used, and that is the Polegate Town Council Office, as this is probably paid for out of the rates perhaps people could avail themselves of this facility.

A lot of the people using the high street are elderly, it takes them a long time to get to the shops, they need the provision of a loo.

So, Polegate Town Council, please either leave the conveniences where they are or find an alternative, otherwise I fear we will see the death of yet another high street.

People have cars and bus passes, they will go to another town that can provide for their needs.


Cadogan Court

Pevensey Bay