Why not move to Nirvana, Mr Rasala?

I WRITE in response to Mr. Rasala’s letter of last week. My initial thought, shared by many I’m sure, was what are you doing in Eastbourne?

If the town is so ‘ugly’ and ‘lacking in vision’ why not move to Nirvana to ease your woes?

Having lived in and around Eastbourne all my life I cannot disagree more with the content of Malcolm Rasala’s letter.

Eastbourne is not ugly. I concede that there are a few parts that are not as pretty as others, for example the Congress theatre (please keep the scaffolding/screening up) and the Wish Tower cafe (hurry up and pull it down!), however all in all the town has a great deal going for it.

The sea, the downland, the promenade, award-winning parks, historic buildings from a number of different eras.

The summer events programme is packed, with a number of varied activities for all age groups, attracting record tourists to the town.

Developments such as Sovereign Harbour have also enhanced the area. The town centre is a bit ropey, but plans are afoot to re-develop.

In my view the local politicians, both the MP and those councillors running the town, are doing a fantastic job under very trying financial circumstances.

I wonder if those who continually carp on about those who run the town would ever consider swapping their armchair politics for the real thing?

I doubt it, as then the moaners would become the moaned at, something no doubt they would struggle with.

So I am staying put, Eastbourne may have it challenges, but where doesn’t?


The Crescent, Willingdon