Why is broadband speed so low?

I WAS very interested to read the article on Eastbourne’s broadband and was amazed to read that it should be possible to reach the dizzy heights of 4.69 megabytes.

I have been complaining for months to Sky that I would be delighted if mine achieved half of that. Sometimes mine can sink as low as 126 kbs, although lately it seems to be around 1.33Mbs.

I have seen the Sky chap in the Langney District Shopping Centre who told me BT can only offer 4Mb but my local telephone exchange would normally peak at about 3Mb or so.

The most I have ever received is as stated about 1.33Mbs. Is the problem with the Westham BT exchange coping with the vast increase in housing in this area?

I’m tired of paying Sky for a mythical 20 Mbs!

Dennis Willoughby

Jerome Close, Langney