Why can’t we share pavement?

I REPLY to B Gilbert (December 7) on the subject of ‘Re-think needed over cycle lanes’.

My husband and I recently spent a weekend in Exmouth, Devon, where we hired bicycles.

It gave us great joy to be able to cycle along the seafront on a shared pavement (pictured).

Both cyclists and pedestrians made way for each other in a very natural way with no unkind remarks or aggression.

I am puzzled as to the reasons why this cannot be achieved, for a start, on the stretch from the Rowing Club to the Langham Hotel (as per B Gilbert’s letter)?

When it was trialled and turned down a few years ago was this because cyclists were irresponsible or because pedestrians were intolerant?

If we cyclists could all be more responsible and not race in and out of people and act graciously would the pedestrians be more tolerant of us?

I would love to hear from you - cyclists and pedestrians.


Commercial Road