Why can’t cyclists enjoy our wonderful seafront

YET again I am in agreement with Graham Webb (July 27) as I was with his letter of March 9. Having recently cycled all the way from Eastbourne to Hastings Old Town I am more aware than ever that Eastbourne is way behind the cycling times.

We are doing better, thanks to CEPE and Bespoke, for inland pathways but it is the seafront that cyclists long to have access to.

A number of us gave our views at the cycling strategy meetings, each recommending the use of the middle promenade for a ‘shared pathway’.

I can’t get my head around the fact this ‘shared pathway’ is going to be along the pavement from Holywell – if a cyclist wants to cycle from there he/she will naturally use the road, we don’t actually meed to be on the pavement.

A cyclist doesn’t necessarily want to cycle from A to B but actually to enjoy all on offer on our beautiful seafront, with its quietness and beauty which can be enjoyed from the lower or middle promenade.

I again ask residents of Eastbourne why they appear less tolerant of us cyclists than Hasting or Brighton where all wheels and legs can enjoy the same ‘shared’ promenade.

I asked this same question in the Herald in March and I waited for answers but none came.

I am aware there are irresponsible cyclists but on the whole we are pretty decent citizens and want to enjoy our seafront as much as the walkers do.


Commercial Road