Why are there two collection lorries?

JULIET Perry’s piece on charging for the collection of garden waste (Herald, May 4) left me in a state of jaw-dropping incredulity.

Wealden Council leader Cllr. Bob Standley, helpfully explained the charge for collecting of £40 would not be exacted on everybody indiscriminately, flat occupiers, for example would be exempt! Really?

Does not this little piece of information, tell us just how bumbling the legislation these ‘cabinet’ meetings produce.

For the last 10 years we have all been exhorted to ‘save the planet’ by re-cycling where we can and now that that urging has shown results, we have made it easy for our legislators to recognise a golden opportunity to exact yet, another tax on us for doing so.

In these parts, residents are fairly astute in doing their own rubbish sorting, andensuring they are aware which bin to put out, whether it be ‘green’ or regular waste collection.

A point which is always lost on me, is, why on green bin day does it requires two collection lorries?

One lorry empties the green waste and an hour or so later, another lorry arrives to collect milk bottles etc, and newspapers.

I’m sure we don’t need to call in the rocket scientists to work out this extravagance in council tax?

If Wealden Council was really using ‘blue sky’ thinking, it would formulate a plan with the other protagonists in this new charade (Eastbourne ,Rother and Hastings Councils) to seek tenders from a waste company ready to re-tool for the job, so on green bin days the rubbish could be sorted at the kerbside into a compartmentalised rubbish lorry that could be loaded at the sides of the vehicle, rather than have everything loaded into the rear end of the lorry then to be taken off for separating in a warehouse later.

After which it’s then loaded onto a ship to be taken to the Far East.

Or perhaps Wealden Council has already reached this point in discussions and prefers to formulate a company for waste collection with one eye on the viability of ‘privatising this company when successful’ so that (like most utility services) it will ultimately be a German or French company for our economy to leech sterling to?


Medina Drive, Stone Cross