Why are there too many supermarkets?

I well remember when the Co-Op in Hailsham closed, Lidl’s asking to take it over and being told by Wealden Council we do not want any more supermarkets in the town, we have a major Tesco’s, Waitrose, and Iceland and now as from October 1 Asda, so one ask what happened to the promise we got that we would not have another supermarket in what is a market town and has virtually not changed over the last 100 years.

All we do have besides four supermarkets are hairdressers, estate agents and charity shops but nothing in the way of interesting shopping.

Monday October 1, on the opening of Asda’s, the town was gridlocked, with every car park full.

The crazy part of this is on each side of the major route into Hailsham we have Tesco’s one side of the road and now Asda’s the other both facing each other.

When are the council going to think of the people who actually live in or very near these town where allowing another supermarket to come in and take over what was a public car park, which means we are now down to only one public car park The Vicarage as on the Quintin’s side of the town Tesco and Asda’s have taken all the parking for their stores.

The major question is why did they not allow Lidl’s to come in and at least have something of interest to shop instead of food.

It will be interesting to see what the town is like near Xmas with the volume of traffic this opening has created.


Bakers Farm Park, Upper Horsebridge.