Why are people ignorant about the cycle path?

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How many more times is the Herald going to waste space on the letters page to people who moan about the King Edwards Parade “cycle path” (last week - C Evans) but are on the face of it, are ignorant on what the County Council has constructed. Let’s say it for the last time, the pavement has been deemed “Shared Usage”, as denoted by the signs which C Evans obviously failed to see. Cyclists don’t cycle in the criss-cross marked area, this is to ensure cars park further into the road so if a car door is opened on the pavement side, the door would not hit the cyclist.

Having said that, what a complete waste of £100,000. The pavement particularly, from Southcliff to the Downs where it ends is far too narrow for shared use. I have never seen a cyclist use it , in fact they avoid it as they cannot get up to speed, having to dodge pedestrians.

All the white lines are just an eyesore. Why it was felt that part of the seafront needed a cycle path is beyond me as it is a relatively quiet road; it’s just turned out to be a very expensive white elephant.


St John’s Road