Who is in charge of the water feature?

We are all aware the water feature at the Sovereign Harbour is a travesty , but who is responsible? Who gave the go ahead for it? Why are so many issues being fudged – for instance, who signed it off? Indeed, is it signed off?

Why has it gone on so long?We are very critical of other countries and their planning laws and most believe, naively so, that we are protected from irresponsible developers and incompetent planners, and subsequently disasters like the water feature.

Who is to step in (not literally) and make sense of this mess? Each post brings a different set of facts, everyone is buzzing round like flies trying to get the radical solution that the project requires.

Apportioning blame is a nasty job to have to do, what is the public mechanism for a solution? There does not appear to be one.

One can imagine putting this before an ombudsman.

Carillion, the overall developer of the Harbour site, is probably the only corporate body that has the resource to pick up this problem.

The profits listed on their web site, along with their self-congratulation on their operational ethos indicate that they are the big boys in the game. Possibly the only ones with the clout to step in and repair the damage.

Why should they do that? Because they made such a good deal over the Harbour site, and wish to make a further deal with more property building, at the Harbour.

They want land – you cannot be a property developer without land.

And, as Mark Twain said, ‘buy land, they aren’t making any more of it!’

The South coast marinas haven’t gone up because of a wish from the yachting fraternity to expand their facilities. They have come into existence to make sites for housing and big profits.

Step in Carillion and save the day, it could salvage your reputation. After all you should be responsible for the overview and quality of the harbour development.