When will we get free toilets?

When are the local council going to provide good, clean, free, well-signposted toilets along the seafront promenade?

On Bank Holiday Sunday we walked down to have a stroll around the huge display of vintage vehicles – along with the many thousands of other visitors, young and old.

Before setting out to walk home we walked from the Wish Tower area, along towards the Pier in an attempt to find both Ladies and Gents Toilets.

We passed a couple labelled “Disabled” which I did not feel entitled to use but in the end I was obliged to use the one just above the little Seafront Office.

My husband had to walk further along and was then obliged to persuade the attendant manning the turnstile entry to the Gents nearer to the Pier to allow him access without paying the 20p entrance fee.

As we were only out for a walk, neither of us was carrying any cash. Once inside, the available toilets are not exactly pleasant to use. I just hope that all the many thousands of visitors to Eastbourne, especially those who come to the many Special Events, including the forthcoming Antiques Road Show, will not be deterred from further visits.

In all the many years we have lived in Eastbourne, I don’t believe any noticeable improvements have been made to the meagre “facilities” along the promenade. This is really quite disgraceful in an otherwise delightful resort.


Compton Place Road.