What is our MP’s view on a European referendum?

Our Liberal Democrat MP abstained from the recent Commons debate on holding an In/Outor re-negotiation Referendum in 2017 on Britain’smembership of the EU in its present form.

Yet there is no doubt that the Eastbourne constituency endorses the Euro scepticism displayed throughout Britain where over 80% want a referendum on our future arrangement.

Should our MP not have at least taken part in the debate?

Mr Lloyd’s inaction demonstrates indifference, even contempt, for the views of his constituents who take this matter of our future sovereignty very seriously.

Perhaps our MP’s position simply reflects a slavish loyalty to Nick Clegg’s statement “that the Lib-Dems would always be the party of IN during any referendum campaign” presumably whatever the circumstances and weight of public opinion.

If that is so, could I ask our MP to make his position public so that we voters know that he will follow his Party line rather than represent the views of the majority of his constituents?


Hardwick Road.