What if Queen had been a Northerner?

I LIVE in Bexhill and bought the ‘Herald’ for the coverage of Airbourne.

However I see this is not all Eastbourne currently has to offer – the correspondence generated by JD Fuller is awesome!

I particularly enjoyed the contribution by Mr and Mrs Graham and Ann Murrey. “This type of person” and “people from the North” we’re just two generalisations that set my imagination reeling.

One interesting thing about their letter was if you substituted reference to accents and geography by, say, race or gender, it’s doubtful you could have printed it without breaking the law.

There is a reason for this.

I’m the last person to support any kind of political correctness but I do support the legal principle that if you publish something it should not be discriminatory. Therein lies the route to the Third Reich.

There are many points to make about their letter which should hardly need stating.

Loud folk are not only found in Lancashire; Eastbourne’s economy relies heavily on tourism; presumably the Grahams and the Murreys of this world all do the decent thing and stay put in the street of their birth so as not to impose their strange customs, weird ways and blinkered opinions onto others.

Now. What if the Queen had been Bolton born and bred.

How different would life in this country have been then?


Glenleigh Park Road, Bexhill