We should all embrace change

I FEEL I should write in to voice support for the proposals for improving the town centre.

I realise people hate change and these changes will do nothing for smaller existing businesses.

But we have to accept that an investment into the town centre, that will attract business into town, has to be a good thing for Eastbourne and its occupants.

It will create wealth in terms of new jobs, and it might even attract in new businesses to the town, who might like the new environment compared to the existing tired look of the town centre.

When all is said and done, we in OBC, are champions for small businesses but the message we have to give consistently is you can no longer just open a business and hope it goes well.

In these tough economic conditions, small businesses can still thrive, but only if they provide what consumers want to buy at the right price – and there are still loads of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs with new ideas.

So let’s embrace change, because standing still is effectively going backwards, and lets welcome and encourage any inward investment into our lovely town , that will positively affect so many who live in the town and surrounding areas


Upperton Gardens