Visit marred by costly mistake

MYSELF, my wife and daughter really enjoyed Eastbourne until it was marred by a silly mistake by ourselves.

We sat down for a rest near TJ Hughes. Then we just got up and walked across the road when my wife said she didn’t have her handbag. She’d left it on the seat.

As we turned back two elderly ladies and men asked if she’d lost her handbag.

One of the ladies said a man had asked whose the bag was, then calmly picked it up and said he would take it to the police station.

Well, it must have been his lucky day. We went to the police station and reported it.

It’s not the money and he won’t be able to use the phone any more, but the camera has a lot of family history on it and there was a photo of my wife’s dad (her only copy), who died in 1958.

The handbag was a red shoulder bag and the purse was also red. It was taken at lunchtime on Friday, July 21.

Perhaps if you put a letter in the Herald it might prick the man’s conscience.


North Wales

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