Use by-election as a referendum

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CAN Seaford afford its Town Council?

James Cannon (Gazette, February 15) is of course correct.

The additional cost to our town of the 9.5% precept hike, contrary to Coalition Government and the PM’s direct guidance, is compounded by the mid-term resignation of Cllr Hamilton.

Of the additional £44,769 to be raised, we are told £10,000 will be spent on a children’s jubilee party and £10,000 on a youth facility (South Coast Leader, January 26).

One can only speculate how the balance of £24,769 is to be spent, but it seems an amazing coincidence that the cost of contracting Cheesmur to undertake the design and planning of the new clubhouse for Seaford Head Golf Club is £24,750!

If these items are so important, how is it that the council is unable to save the equivalent costs from elsewhere in the current £464,860 town council budget?

The council’s proposal is greedy, arrogant and naive and demonstrates a complete failure to understand that local businesses and residents alike are struggling to meet their financial commitments as the economy retracts.

The question arises as to whether Seaford can afford its Town Council.

I would suggest that the Seaford East by-election is used as an opportunity to hold a referendum on the 9.5 per cent increase in the precept as a guide to the feelings of Seaford as a whole.

In addition to voting for their choice of candidate, voters could be asked to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the question “Do you agree to the proposed 9.5% increase in Seaford’s Town Council Tax”.


Chyngton Way, Seaford.