Trust praise for College students

THE trustees of Hand in Hand Trust wish to make public the tremendous help we have received from the pupils of Eastbourne College over the past 12 years.

This trust was formed after its founder saw the deprivation of pre-schoolchildren who spent many hours each day locked inside their squalid homes while mum had to work in Lima, Peru.

Hand in Hand Trust started nurseries for these children and trained local women about the needs of babies and children for nutritious meals, play and stimulation.

At the millennium, ECHO, which is the charity arm of Eastbourne College, decided to fund us as their Millennium project and have continued to do so ever since then.

More than 1,000 children have received this care for four or five years and become successful in their schools, whereas children without our intervention rarely stayed at school for more than two or three years.

We have many expressions of thanks from parents and teachers. Every month ECHO send Hand in Hand Trust £200 and they also run particular fundraising projects for us, in all a total of over £32,000.

Several students have also been to spend some weeks with us in Peru. Hand in Hand Trust knows that without the commitment from Eastbourne College there would now be many less children being successful in education.

Congratulations Eastbourne College!

Marie-Jose Masters


Hand in Hand Trust