Tricycle could have been maintained

THIS was my argument for keeping the World War Two memorial sun lounge and café:

A monument to the biggest invasion ever seen (Normandy 1944) and a monument to Total War (recently books detailing the civilian casualties of Eastbourne in WWII were compiled and presented to Eastbourne Town Hall by a surviving resident) and poignantly prophetic of Eastbourne College headmaster G.V. Carey’s pre-war school history, “Outline Of The First World War” (1929, Cambridge University Press) “In the next war there will be no non-combatants”.

The rusty old tricycle sounds convincing, but it could have been maintained and handed on.

If Eastbourne Borough Council had Oradour-Sur-Glane and Stonehenge, the rusty old bikes and cars would go, and the boring old stones would make up the paving round a restaurant.


Upperton Gardens