Tree wardens saga is so tragic

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I have been following the saga of the tree wardens, and feel the whole episode is tragic.

In David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ groups of volunteers doing jobs that enhance the community are vital. But the Town Council and its officers don’t seem to have a clue as to how to deal with them!

They are to be tied up with red tape and obstacles put in the way of doing the job they were set up to do, not to mention almost being branded as criminals!

Has anyone in the council thanked them for the huge amount of work done in planting hundreds of trees all over Seaford? I could quote examples from other groups.

The council really must change its attitude to encourage these voluntary groups in doing their good work for the benefit of our community and the environment.

We do not want to lose them, or others, working for the town. And perhaps they could arrange for their staff to have some training in relating to them too.


Barcombe Close,