Traffic works are a waste of money

I AM astounded at the County Council’s disgraceful waste of public money which is being spent on Ramsay Way.

Traffic calming measures are currently under way and I fail to see the need for these works.

I have been running, cycling and driving up and down this road for 12 years and there are always a handful of cars parking along it that act as ‘traffic islands’, so why the need to waste money adding more?

I have never had to wait more than a few seconds to cross this road and, in my opinion, speeding isn’t a huge problem either – I have young children so I am always very aware of the traffic.

And yet running adjacent to Ramsay Way we have Prince William Parade where, for some reason, half the road has double lines and the other is lined with cars, so you run the gauntlet down a narrow stretch where I often see wing mirrors being clipped.

Finally, East Sussex County Council should put their (our) money where it is actually needed and do something about the danger of crossing the southern end of Atlantic Drive, where traffic comes flying around the corner from Prince William Parade and you really take your life in your hands.


Royal Sovereign View.