Time to listen to the people

ANNEMARIE Field is the only voice of common sense in Eastbourne to date - she should be running the town council.

I have lived and work in this town for more than 50 years and I have seen its changes over that time.

In the late 1960s you could walk into jobs with out any trouble.

We had full employment in Eastbourne for everyone, the town was full of visitors, the guest house and hotels were full and now you have to pay for parking, we’ve got empty shops, no police on the streets, the town centre out of bounds at night at the weekends and the thugs do not stop attacking victims.

Don’t say this is not so - we read it every week in the Herald.

It’s time the voice of the people was listened to. This town was better then than now.

For all your new technology that we have all that is good is being run down for new ideas that do not work as we have seen over the years.

Now is the time for common senses to make our town work.


Winkney Road

Hampden Park