The EU is just a huge rubber stamp

Bob Milton (Gazette letters, March 20) is baffled by the fact that UKIP contests, wins and takes up seats in the EU Parliament.

UKIP does this despite the fact that UKIP does indeed dislike the EU and is particularly repelled by the Brussels so called Parliament which has no real power and is nothing like a real parliament.

It is however an enormously expensive “rubber stamp” which sends out a massive stream of directives which the UK must implement.

UKIP’s MEPs oppose the vast majority of these impositions and unlike the other Parties and Press draws the public’s attention to the nonsense that the directives are.

Indeed Nigel Farage, UKIP’s charismatic leader is one of the stars of Youtube on which he can be seen fighting for UK interests on a continuous and highly entertaining basis.

All our MEPs look eagerly forward to the day the UK leaves the EU and will celebrate the loss of their jobs in great style!

FRANK CARSTAIRS, Chairman, UKIP Lewes Branch.