Thanks for this Lib-Dem budget

MANY thanks for the Liberal Democrat budget passed last Wednesday in the Town Hall.

Thanks to the efforts of Hampden Park Lib Dem Councillor’s Jim Murray, Mike Thompson and Pat Hearn securing £120,000 towards the Cross Levels skatepark and BMX track. Your efforts are deeply appreciated, particularly as a resident with children who use skates.

While the Conservatives remain curiously selective as to where they campaign for and against skate parks, I am still puzzling over their latest leaflet.

In it, their front page story concerns their ‘campaign’ for the park, stating the £120,000 given to the project was as a direct result of them.

I received this leaflet before the money was approved by the Lib Dem budget. More curiously still, and I’ve checked this with the council officers, not one Conservative voted for this measure on Wednesday.

Yet, the leaflet remains, with a gleaming Cllr. Tom Liddiard, Cllr. Anabelle West and Cllr. Colin Murdock posing ‘in support’ and apparently in victory on the Town Hall steps.

I ask why they didn’t vote in support of the budget that secured this money. Shame on them, and I think residents should be aware of these twisted facts.

Perhaps they would think on next time when printing ‘working hard to deserve your support’ on their leaflet! You’ve lost my vote, Conservatives.


Lakelands Close