Taking advantage of the recent bad weather

IN RESPONSE to the ‘snow rate’ imposed on unsuspecting customers by minicab firms during the recent bad weather, quite frankly it is a disgrace.

This is just taking advantage of a situation and of customers who needed to use some form of public transport.

Some buses and trains were running in the snowy conditions, did they put their fare up? No they didn’t - they obviously want to retain the goodwill of their customers.

All the spokepersons for the cab firms who have this ‘snow rate’ claim an incentive is needed to get their drivers out to work. What sort of defence is that?

There can be no greater incentive to get out to work other than to provide a service whatever the weather conditions.

You shouldn’t have to dangle a carrot in front of someone’s nose, which begs the question: do you come out to work to provide a public service or to earn as much money as possible by whatever means?

As for one spokesperson saying drivers could be off the road for weeks if they have a bash, that is not the case.

If you have the correct insurance you will get a replacement vehicle within a few days, non fault or otherwise, so this can’t be used as an excuse for hiking up the fares.

Martin Reeves

Birling Street