Surely everyone has a right to their opinion

SO ANYONE should get out of town because they hold a contrary opinion to those who believe Eastbourne needs no improvement?

Good to see the one and half million Englishmen who gave their lives in two World Wars so that an Englishman could express a different opinion and enjoy freedom of speech in a spirit of tolerance are held in such respect by ‘group think’ ‘don’t criticise anything’ Eastbourners.

Interesting to see anyone expressing a contrary opinion about the degradation of Seaside, Terminus Road and the Pier and wanting their improvement can inspire such bilious contempt from the ‘we live in the best of all possible worlds’ ’everything is just fine’ ‘nothing needs improvement’ Eastbourners.

Are we not defending the Falkland Islands for the right of individuals not to be run out of their town because they hold contrary opinions to the Argentinians?

Who was it in 1933 to 1945 who were intolerant of views different to their own and who wanted to run out of town anyone who disagreed with them?

When Betjeman wrote ‘come friendly bombs and rain on Slough it is not fit for humans now’ was he wrong to express his ‘criticism of ugliness’ opinion?

So many words complain two of the ‘all is well brigade’.

Like the Duke whose statue sits majestically on the Eastbourne seafront who built Eastbourne against the diehard naysayers of his day (they never go away do they?) and was inspired by a similar education to mine, I like him was taught that words and thinking differently are the way Britain develops and improves.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. As the saying goes we must fight to the death for their right to hold the views they hold.

But consider: quite why do these ‘don’t rock the boat’ Eastbourners so hate opinions different to their own?

In my own small way I was trying to inspire the spirit that built Eastbourne as a place of beauty and endeavour.

I guess I failed.


Sovereign Harbour