Slow down a little and enjoy the present

I WAS amazed to receive a flyer from Eastbourne Theatres telling me about the pantomime for next Christmas! And to book my seats early to avoid disappointment!

Isn’t this just a bit early as it’s only weeks ago since the last panto finished.

While not wishing to sound like a grumpy old woman, it seems so much of our everyday life is out of season.

To name a few, we have Creme Eggs in the shops just after New Year, presumably heralding the Spring; hot cross buns are available all year round instead of just in Lent; Christmas cards on sale in August; followed swiftly by Halloween merchandise and fireworks.

Summer clothes are in the shops already and it is still cold and wintry, and come the end of July there will be the new season’s winter coats!

I know it’s all for commercial gain and people have to make a living, but I wish we could all slow down a bit, and enjoy the present season with whatever that entails.

I’m sure we would all be happier living in the moment , celebrating and preparing for our traditions and customs at the appropriate times, without rushing on to the next thing and thinking too far ahead!

Rosemary Austin-Cooper

Mill Road.