Sky’s the limit for Wish Tower

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THE council have now been good enough to release pictures of a set of new buildings they tell us is the proposed temporary Wish Tower restaurant, when we can see that it really is the council’s proposal to have an Astronomical Observatory on the Western Lawns.

It probably will be a new tourist attraction to replace the old defunct observatory in Herstmonceux that once made East Sussex world famous.

The main observatory will of course be in middle of the six buildings enclosing it.

The restaurant will be the building on the approach to the Observatory showing, probably called ‘Wish upon a star’ with an eaterie, serving hopefully five star food and drink.

With the thought of astronomers like Brian Cox, Sir Patrick Moore and maybe even Stephen Hawking visiting, and the clear open sky for 25 miles to the horizon, the town with the most sunshine and clearest nights in the country, it’s a case of ‘Every one’s a winner’ or are they?


Trinity Place.