Should we abolish town council?

I FULLY support Andrew Hamilton in resigning from the town council. Like many other residents of Seaford I did vote last year for the Tories but now find that this was the wrong decision.

They swung my vote on the promise of no tax increases this year and they have failed in their duty to keep there promises.

What makes things worse is that it is understood that £10,000 is being spent on a party for the Jubilee.

This is tax payers’ money that is being spent, and bearing in mind the economic situation this is a non-essential expenditure.

What business is it of the council to spend our money on parties anyway?

Surely a party such as this could be self-funded, by means of entry and/or charging people such as food vendors for a pitch.

I have emailed every councillor and only a small handful have replied (two Lib Dems and one Tory) which can only be described as shameful.

I also understand from the councillors that I have spoken with that the majority of income being received into Seaford Town Council goes on wages.

I have also been advised that there is a clerk within Seaford Town Council earning nearly £60,000 per annum. Is this true?

If this is the case this is an insult to all of the residents of Seaford and the question has got to be asked whether to abolish the town council completely if money is only to be wasted.

Seaford Town Council and the councillors need to wake up to the reality that it is tax payers’ money and not their own that they keep wasting, and that they are paid to serve the best interest of the people who voted them to represent us, and not to act as if they are our lords and masters.


Sutton Drove, Seaford