Shinewater is still waiting

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When a wealthy Eastbourne hotelier decided to open a children’s nursery on Royal Parade the county council had a bollard crossing built in the centre of the road within a matter of weeks.

This is to be commended; the road is very busy and the nursery is situated on a dangerous bend, the scene of numerous accidents over the years.

It does beg the question, however as to why it is that residents and parents in the Larkspur Drive area, an equally dangerous road at busy times are still waiting for a crossing to be built at the junction of Milfoil Drive.

This road has to be crossed by parents with very young children heading to and from Shinewater Primary School as well as people going about their daily business, and locals have been begging the council to take action for many years.

In fact, some time ago someone actually took considerable time to paint a ‘pedestrian crossing’ there out of obvious desperation. The council’s only response was to erect two signs saying ‘Illegal Crossing’. Clearly it doesn’t do to tell the council what it should be doing for its residents. Perhaps the afore-mentioned hotelier could use his influence and lend his voice in support of the hapless residents of North Langney?


Broad Oak Close .