Shame on man for his insults

On Sunday, July 21 around 9.45am, between Sovereign Centre and the Sewage Treatment Works, a man with grey receding hair, in his 60s,dressed in shorts, walking two delightful black dogs with a lady in white shorts and hat came on to the beach, I heard his booming, affected voice before his footfalls on the shingle.

The man was almost shouting to his companion, sounding like “The Major” from Fawlty Towers. As a lady got up and made for the sea, I , and others heard him boom to his companion“Would you wear a bikini if you looked like that?”

I was utterly shocked, and thoroughly embarrassed for his companion who looked the opposite way and did not respond, to her credit.

As a secondary school teacher having taught thousands of children from a multitude of backgrounds, I have never heard such rudeness from any of them and if I had it would be classed as bullying.

The effect of this sort of comment on anyone can be not just hurtful but devastating. Shame on him, empty vessels make the most noise it would appear!

If you have thoughts like this I urge you to keep them to yourself or you may very well be drumming up more business for Beachy Head.


Hankham Street.